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Cheol Ho Lee



Cheol Ho Lee


39동 432호


B.S., M.S., Ph.D. 서울대학교, 한국


이철호교수는 서울대에서 학사(1983)/석사(1985)/박사(1992)를 취득하고 미국 UCSD에서 박사후 연구를 수행하면서 미국연방정부 지원 steel SAC joint project에 참여하였다. 1988-2002년 경남대에서 재직한 후 서울대에 합류하여 재료역학, 강구조설계 및 공법, 철골구조안정론 및 구조동력학을 강의하고 있다.


2007년 이후 현재까지 건축분야 POSCO 철강분야 전문교수로서 활동하고 있으며 한국지진공학회 회장 및 한국강구조학회 부회장을 역임하였다. 또한 세계지진공학회 한국대표 및 한국-일본-대만 건축물내진설계 국제세미나의 한국 코디네이터로 봉사하였다. 1990년대 중반부터 국내 최초로 실물대 내진실험을 개척하였고 국내 강구조내진기준 제정의 토대가 되는 실험성과를 구축하였다. 2016 KBC 강구조분야 대표집필위원, 국내 최초의 강구조내진기준인 2009 KBC 강구조내진지준 집필의 주역으로 활동하였다. 한국공학한림원, 한국지진공학회, 한국강구조학회, 한국철강협회, 한국구조기술사회 등 여러 학술 및 전문기술단체로부터 학술상, 공로상, 기술상 등을 10회 이상 수상하였다. 2019년에는 고강도강관 접합부에 대한 연구성과를 인정받아 국내에서는 처음으로 국제용접학회 강관구조위원으로 선임되었다.


지난 10년간 100여건의 정부/공공/민간 발주의 연구프로젝트를(이중 70여건은 연구책임자로서) 수행하였다. 최근에는 외곽부모멘트골조를 이용한 구조시스템최적화, 고강도강 튜브구조접합부, 고강도강 볼트/용접접합부, 비구조요소내진설계, 내화설계 등에 주력하고 있다.

B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Seoul National University, Korea


Prof. Lee received his BS (1983), MS (1985) and Ph. D (1992) degree from Seoul National University in Korea and conducted his post-doc. research at the Dept. of Structural Engineering, Univ. of Calif., San Diego, USA, during 1995-1996 and participated in the FEMA-funded steel SAC joint project. He joined SNU after teaching at Kyungnam University during 1988-2002. He teaches mechanics of materials, design of steel structures, structural stability and structural dynamics.


He has been the POSCO-affiliated research professor in architecture since 2007. He served as the president of Korea Society of Earthquake Engineering, the vise-president of Korea Society of Steel Construction. He also served as the national delegate of International Association of Earthquake Engineering and the coordinator for international seminar on seismic design of building structures among Japan, Taiwan and Korea. He was the representative writer of steel design specifications in 2016 Korean Building Code. He played a leading role in writing the first (2009 KBC) steel seismic provisions. He pioneered large-size cyclic seismic testing in Korea as early as mid 1990s and has been active in developing ductile seismic steel moment connections. He, as the director, led the innovative and rapid construction technology joint venture sponsored by the Korea government and construction industries for six years. He has been the recipient of more than10 honors and awards from Korean academic/professional societies such as National Academy of Engineering of Korea, Korea Society of Steel Construction, Korea Society of Earthquake Engineering, Korean Structural Engineers Association, and Korea Association of Steel and Iron. In 2019, he was selected as the member of IIW (international institute of welding) Sub-commission XV in recognition of his active research on high- strength steel tubular joints.


Over the past decade, he conducted more than 100 projects (about 70 projects as the principal investigator) from governmental/public sectors and private industries. His current research interests include structural system optimization using perimeter steel moment frame, high-strength steel tubular joints, high-strength steel bolted/welded joints, seismic design of nonstructural elements, and structural fire design.

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