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SNUDAAE autumn lecture series 2023_"LA DALLMAN: Architecture on the Middle Front"_Prof. Grace La


Lecture Title:
LA DALLMAN: Architecture on the Middle Front

건축가 소개 :
Grace La
Harvard Graduate School of Design, Professor and Chair of the Dept. of Architecture
LA DALLMAN, Principal

11월 28일(화), 16:30
Tuesday, 28 Nov 2023, 16:30

서울대학교 관악캠퍼스 39동 4층 소우재홀
Seoul National University, 4th Floor, Building 39, Sowoojae Hall

About Grace La:
Together with James Dallman, Grace La is principal of LA DALLMAN. The firm’s projects expand the architect’s agency in the civic recalibration of infrastructure, public space, and mid-century modern buildings. LA DALLMAN has received over fifty professional honors including an Emerging Voice by the Architectural League of NY, a Progressive Architecture Award, and more than a dozen honors from the BSA and AIA Wisconsin.

Lecture Summary:
LA DALLMAN’s “middle front” articulates a position of architecture grounded in the premise that “exceptionality” has currently become the least common denominator in a transforming, eclectic, and fragmented field. The middle front considers architectural realities that are neither explicitly exceptional, nor properly ordinary, acknowledging a vantage point in the middle, from which quotidian typologies (bridges, street furniture, public buildings, houses) silently, yet forcefully serve at the forefront of shaping the city.

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