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AUM (Architecture, Urbanism and Metropolis)

Architecture & Urban Design Laboratory was established with the objective of exploring architecture, urban design and theory in an integrated manner. Through practical projects and research, it examines an overall design process involved in the city, architecture and industrial design, City of Seoul is on of the worldĄŻs representative metropolis. With specific focus on the relationship between urbanism and architecture in Seoul, the lab focuses on city programs, organization of the city, its infrastructures as well as its relationship to architecture, Through a variety of projects such as Seoul Design general planning, urban planning for the city of Asan and Kimjae, and plans for re-using Yongsan U.S. Armed Forces, an overall framework plans for urban design was proposed. The lab has also carried out architectural projects such as Lotte Buyeo Resort, 2Woo School, Ehwa GirlĄŻs Foreign Language High School, Yong-Dong church, Munhak village, World Jewellery Museum, and Bangbae-dong residence. These projects were presented as special editions in various architectural magazines. In addition to research and projects, the lab has carried out interesting architecture-related events such as inviting world-class architects to the university to hold master classes, Frontline which provides opportunities for young architects, and holding architecture workshop for high school students. The lab has also presented various perspectives in architecture through participation in Venice Biennale, Harvard University exhibition, World Culture Olympics, Kim Soo-Geun Culture Awards Exhibition, City of Seoul Architecture Awards Exhibition, Shanghai Architecture Awards Exhibition, and Seoul Design Olympics.