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Project : Architecture

  • 39-526 (Prof. John Hong)
  • +82-2-880-8312
John Hong¡¯s design research includes three major focus areas: Representational Strategies, Interdependent Urbanism, and Computational Convergence. The work of his lab, Project : Architecture intentionally uses the verb form of the word ¡®project,¡¯ as in to ¡®propose, contemplate, plan, and cast forward.¡¯ In this way the research examines the future potential of architecture as a catalyst for change. Some of the central questions of the research are: As representation is now at the conflux between digital and material media, how can we generate and understand new spatial paradigms? With the complexity of today¡¯s urban architecture that must bridge radically diverse social and technical imperatives, how can new forms of interdependencies be at the same time agonistic and productive? Finally related to the above concerns, how can computation be intentionally utilized to converge diverse scales, materials, social criteria, and technical systems, so that minimum form can gain maximum effect? Through testing these questions in theory and practice in the form of writing, exhibitions, and built works, the design research of Project : Architecture takes an informed, optimistic approach towards architecture¡¯s role as one of the most effective forms of cultural production.