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Building Structural System Lab.

The Lab performs experimental and analytical researches on structural systems, materials, elements such as reinforced concrete/composite column, beam, slab, wall and so on. The research topics that were performed in the past include the followings : material model for concrete under various stress states, development of geopolymer concrete and Hwangto concrete, development of composite beams and columns, beam-column connections, slab-column connections, development of earthquake design/analysis method, applicability of high strength concrete and high strength reinforcing steel bars, soil-structure interaction of building under earthquake. The research topics being performed today are the followings : design method of nuclear plant wall structures with high-strength reinforcing bars, seismic performance and retrofit of small-scale buildings concerned with current issues on expanded coverage of seismic design provisions, shear resistance of RC beams in the view of economical design, development of details and verification of structural performance for steel-reinforced concrete columns and angle-truss composite beams with high-strength steel, researches on heavyweight impact sound of residential structures, development of non-cement binder and concrete using industrial by-product. In addition, by the request of private construction companies and engineers, we perform verification testing and analysis for complicated members, connections, and newly developed technologies simultaneously. The most of the research mentioned is performed from academic stand point, or for public purposes.