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Prof. Hyun-Soo Lee Hyun-Soo Lee





B.S., M.S. Seoul National University, Korea
M.S., Ph.D. University of Michigan, U.S.


Professor Hyun-Soo Lee received bachelor’s degree in 1983 and master’s degree in 1985 at the Department of Architecture of Seoul National University. He has studied Construction Engineering & Management at the University of Michigan since 1988 and finished doctor’s degree in 1992. And he worked for the Dept. of Architecture Engineering in Inha University as a professor. Since 1997, he has been working as a professor at the Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering of Seoul National University. His major research area is Construction Engineering and Management. Currently, he is teaching “Building Construction Management”and “Building Construction Administration”for undergraduate students, and “Construction Management & Project Engineering”and “Construction Performance and Productivity Improvement”for graduate students.


His major research area is construction management. Due to discontinuity and uncertainty in construction industry, systematic management is required for construction project under integrated plan. Construction management covered cost management, process management, risk management, quality management and etc. As industrial environment is changing, innovation of construction management is also researched such as knowledge/information technology based construction management.


Building Construction Administration
Building Construction Management
Construction Management & Project Engineering
Construction Performance and Productivity Improvement