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Prof. SeungHoy Kim SeungHoy Kim





B.E., M.E. Seoul National University, Korea
M.Arch. University of Michigan, U.S.


Upon receiving his B. Arch and M. Sc degree at SNU, Kim completed a Master of Architecture degree at University of Michigan. With professional experience at Skidmore Owings & Merrill and Seoul Architects, Kim began his private practice KYWC Architects, carrying out numerous projects of varying scales. He was appointed as full-time lecturer at SNU in 2003. His major works include 2Woo School, Lotte Buyeo Resort, World Jewellery Museum, WonJin Green Hospital, Munhak town, Gwacheon Residence, SNU Graduate School of Environment, and YoungDong Church. Along with the Venice Biennale in 2006, he has held various exhibitions at Tokyo, Berlin, Barcelona, Boston, and Shanghai. His awards include Kim SooGeun Culture Award, Architectural Institute of Korea (Best 7), City of Seoul Archtiecture Award, Architecture Culture Prize, and E-Won Architecture Environment Award.


Architecture is fundamentally a boundary as well as a relationship with the world. It becomes a self-expressing mechanism for reconciling and dealing with the issues of our environment. Recognizing architecture as a collective method for overcoming the boundaries of singular space, out interest will spread into the boundary where architecture and the urban meet, and where urban and urban meet. Exploring and researching the notions of city within a city, architecture inside cities, and its interrelationships are ideals that I, as an architect and an academic would like to pursue. Based on studies into life and environment of the city’s inhabitants, and their differing perceptions of layers of time and space, research proposes a transformation of urban space, seeking to discover fundamentals of formation in architecture through reinterpretation of spatial programs and by examining old and new materials. Through the inherent relationships revealed in light of the ‘city within a city’concept, we see how the boundaries of space and time develop, and studying the way in which architecture associated within a city exist and discovering these layers will help us to better understand our lives and architecture. Basing the considerations of these issues will allow us to make proposals for architecture and urban design that truly embodies the essence of our generation.


Architectural Design Studio 5-2
Building Materials
Topics in Architectural Planning 1