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Prof. Jaepil Choi Jaepil Choi





B.S. Seoul National University, Korea
M.S., Ph.D. Georgia Institute of Technology, U.S.


Professor Choi received a B. Arch from Seoul National University, and continued on to Georgia Institute of Technology where he received his M. Sc. and Ph. D. He has also taught at Illinois Institute of Technology at Urbana Champaign, Myongji University and was a leading researcher for Korea National Housing Corporation, Housing Research Center. As a professor at Seoul National University since 1998, he has been the head of planning department at the university headquarters, Secretary-General of the Korea Architectural Accrediting Board, policy planning researcher for the nation’s 17th Presidential transition committee, and chairman of the Korea Housing Association. He is urrently the chairman of the Korea Facility Management Association.


Defining an architecture that caters for a variety of human lifestyle is not an easy task. Architecture is comprised of not only its floors, walls and ceilings, but of examining the way people use that space. Unlike other forms of art, architecture has a function and it is this function that links architecture and human. We understand our society by looking into the relationship between a space and a certain function that people bring into that space. It is through research on the way society utilize the space that enables us to envisage a future direction for architecture.


Architecture and Society
Residential Planning and Design
Digital Design Research
Studies in Architectural Design Process
Architectural Space Analysis