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Name Course e-mail
Myeong-seok Kwak Project Planning and Control in Construction, Advanced Concepts and Applications of Building Materials in Construction mskwak@dic.co.kr
Yoon-bok Seong Studies in Environmental Modeling and Simulation, Advanced Building Environmental Technology nike21c@gmail.com
Kwang-hwan Lee Seminar in Building Code, Building Codes and Regulations lawlkw@haeahn.com
Eun-kyung Lee Basic Studio 1 (Architecture and Expression), Basic Studio 2 (Architecture and Structure) eunkyung.lee.a@gmail.com
Yang-jae Yi Basic Studio 1 (Architecture and Expression), Basic Studio 2 (Architecture and Structure) lavisita@gmail.com
Se-jin Kim Basic Studio 1 (Architecture and Expression), Basic Studio 2 (Architecture and Structure) ssew@jiyo.co.kr
Jong-ho Hwang Basic Studio 1 (Architecture and Expression), Basic Studio 2 (Architecture and Structure) strato1982@nate.com
Pil-soo Maing Basic Studio 1 (Architecture and Expression), Basic Studio 2 (Architecture and Structure) pm@studiommkp.com
Hyun-ah Kook Basic Studio 3 (Architecture and Environment) h_kook@hotmail.com
Hyun-chol Park Basic Studio 3 (Architecture and Environment) erupter99@hotmail.com
Soewon Hwang Basic Studio 3 (Architecture and Environment) soehwang@gmail.com
Kyuho Choi Basic Studio 3 (Architecture and Environment) kc@qjarchitecture.com
Jeonghye Park Basic Studio 3 (Architecture and Environment) jp@qjarchitecture.com
Jae-yong Im Architectural Design Studio 5-1 oca1@chol.com
Nam-ho Cho Architectural Design Studio 5-1 mate518@naver.com
Seok-hoon Son Architectural Design Studio 5-2 ssh.hada@gmail.com
Woo-sung Ann Architectural Design Studio 5-2 wsesbh@chol.com
Ku-sang Lee Architectural Design Studio 5-2 voidarch@gmail.com
Jong-hoon Im Design Computing, Digital Design Studio jonghoonim@gmail.com
Jeong-min Lee Design Computing jmlee0928@gmail.com
Hwang-kie Jung Design Computing hk.jung@auler.kr
Hyung-sup Sim Building System hyungsup.sim@heerim.com
Young-keun Won Building Economics and Development ykwon@aetasre.com
Byung-ho Min Residential Planning and Design minbyungho@hotmail.com
Nam-hee Kim Structural Analysis, Structural Design, Building Structure Planning namheek@snu.ac.kr
Mi-su Shin Thermal Energy Fundamentals in Buildings, Energy Conscious Building Planning altn58@gmail.com
Sun-woo Lee Architectural Environmental Design sunoo76@snu.ac.kr
Young-don Kim Thermal Energy Fundamentals in Buildings ydkim@hanace.co.kr
Jeong-hoon Kim Architectural Design 1, Architectural Design 2 kjh.hada@gmail.com
Hang-soo Ryu Architectural Design 1, Architectural Design 2 ryu7441283@hotmail.com
Dong-Kwan Kim Computing in Architectural Engineering 2 ks385@snu.ac.kr
Seon-u Joo Building Construction Materials qtsun@paran.com
Yoo-kyung Ki Electrical & Lighting Theory in Buildings queen4516@hanmail.net
Yong-in Kim Mechanical and Electrical Equipment for Building 1, Mechanical and Electrical Systems for building nowmec@chol.com
Sang-tae Ahn Construction Technology sangtae.ahn@daewooenc.com
Dong-Kyu Choi Professional Practice cc532@hanmail.net
Sung-keun Kwon Building Construction Technology skkwon7@gmail.com
Sung-won Hong Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering shong@snu.ac.kr