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Architecture & Architectural Engineering

Seoul National University Department of Architecture undergraduate program has a 5-year program of Architecture and 4-year program of Architectural Engineering. In undergraduate program, there are degree courses of Bachelor of Architecture for Architecture major, and Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering for Architectural Engineering major. Graduate program offers Master of Science in Architectural Engineering and Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture & Architectural Engineering.

Architecture major students research the designs of buildings, history and theory of architecture based on aesthetics, philosophy, anthropology, psychology, and various fields. The students not only learn to design interior and exterior space and the environment of the buildings, but also study the relationships of the buildings and buildings, buildings and cities, buildings and nature, and more. To study in Architecture program, the School of Engineering requires to take natural science subjects, such as mathematics, physics, earth science, and etc. Furthermore, the it requires the understanding of many other subjects such as history, design, and etc. The ability to express the ideas in reality is necessary in order to be used as a tool to actualize designs. Architecture investigates the way of life to create a society with others. This program offers to design buildings that suggest the spatial potential by exploring the humane values in the changing communities. Hence, the Architecture students explore the practical architecture that applies in industries and working-level with the background of various technologies ranging from traditional technologies to high-tech modern technologies.

Architecture Educational Accrediting Program
Seoul National University Bachelor of Architecture degree has fulfilled the certification criteria and procedures that comply with Korea Architectural Accrediting Board (KAAB), and has received the accreditation for professional architecture program that is acknowledged by Canberra Accord, UNESCO-International Union of Architects (UNESCO-UIA) and UNESCO-UIA Validation Council for Architectural Education (UVCAE, UNESCO-UIA 건축학 인증/인정 기구). Registering the certified professional education degree to the Council of Registration Boards tends to be the requirement for the registered architects internationally. Domestic professional degree program for architectural education is operated by 5-year Bachelor’s Architecture degree course, and it must receive the certification audit periodically for the maintenance of certification. KAAB certification audit is conducted by acquiring the certification criteria and procedures, and each educational programs may receive 5-year, 3-year, 2-year(conditional), postponed, or rejected accreditation based on the results of the evaluation. Seoul National University architecture program’s next accredit evaluation is scheduled in the fall of 2016.

Career after Graduate
After graduating, students are able to work professionally by achieving registered architect license or any other architecture related licenses. Some students continue on to graduate school; however, most of the students employ at architectural design firms, such as architectural design, interior design, design supervision, architecture related state-owned companies, architectural R&D centers, architectural government employee, construction companies and etc.