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Architecture & Architectural Engineering

Seoul National University Department of Architecture undergraduate program has a 5-year program of Architecture and 4-year program of Architectural Engineering. In undergraduate program, there are degree courses of Bachelor of Architecture for Architecture major, and Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering for Architectural Engineering major. Graduate program offers Master of Science in Architectural Engineering and Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture & Architectural Engineering.

Architectural Engineering major students research all aspects of engineering part of architecture. The students study mainly on structural design to learn how to design and construct buildings safely, building construction to learn the techniques to construct by the designs, and architectural environment to learn about light, sound, heat, and any other factors from the buildings. The students learn more in depth on environment, construction, construction management, structure, structural materials, and etc. In Architectural Engineering major, the students are required to take natural science subjects, such as mathematics, physics, earth science, and etc., and the students are able to take engineering mathematics, hydrodynamics, thermodynamics, construction management, construction technology, material mechanics, structural mechanics, structural design, planning, and etc. Through the creative engineering designs, the students will acquire innovative and eco-friendly architectural design technology skills. The department supports the students to learn the variety of architectural design technology skills, and materialize architecture that is safe, economical and convenient for people to use by applying the basic knowledge as engineers. Furthermore, the department emphasizes in practical aspects by the realistic issues and problems such as earthquake resistance, aerodynamics, fire resistance, rehabilitation, and etc., in order for the students to solve them in engineering way. Through the link with the industries, and the basic knowledge on economics and management, the department helps to acquire the knowledge of architectural engineering.

Architecture Educational Accrediting Program
Seoul National University Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering degree has fulfilled the certification criteria and procedures that comply with Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea (ABEEK), and has received the accreditation for professional architectural engineering program. The basic policy of ABEEK presents the standards and guidelines of education program for schoolsĄŻ engineering and any other related education. Through this policy, certification and consultation are implemented to contribute to the development of engineering education and produce technical engineering personnel with skills. Furthermore, the students who have completed this certified program will be able to proceed effectively to the engineering field in the future. The policy will also promote in the development of engineering education, and will help to produce engineering personnel with the skills that are needed in the industries and societies. Seoul National University Architectural Engineering degree education program has received the certification in the spring semester of 2015, and it will last for 3 more years.

Career after Graduate
After graduating, students are able to work professionally by acquiring registered architect license or any other architecture related license. Some students continue on to graduate school; however, most of the students employ at architectural design firms, such as architectural design, interior design, design supervision, architecture related state-owned companies, architectural R&D centers, architectural government employee, construction companies and etc.