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1946 The Department of Architectural Engineering was formally established in the College of Engineering, Seoul National University, by the Foundation Ordinance to set up Seoul National University.
1948 The Department was relocated from the former Kyungsung Vocational School of Engineering building to the School of Science & Technology building at former Kyungsung University in Gongrung-dong.
1952 An independent education program was initiated at the temporary school building at Dongdaeshindong in Busan, separated from the Co-worked University structure during the Korean War.
1953 The Master Program was established.
(the first master’s degree awarded to Jungsub Yun)
1954 The Department returned to the Gongrung-dong Campus after the conclusion of the Korean War.
1973 The Doctoral Program was established.
(the first doctoral degree awarded to Nam-Chul Joo)
1975 The Department was renamed from Department of Architectural Engineering to Department of Architecture.
1978 The Architecture major in the course of Engineering Education was integrated into the Dept. of Architecture. / The Department participated in the foundation of the Dept. of Urban Engineering.
1979 The Department was relocated from Gongrung-dong to Gwanak Campus, Building #35.
1998 The Interdisciplinary Program in Urban Design was established by participation of the Dept. of Architecture, the School of Civil, Urban, and Geosystem Engineering, the Dept. of Landscape Architecture, and the Graduate School of Environmental Studies.
2002 The Department was divided into two programs: 5 Year Architecture Program and 4 Year Architectural Engineering Program
2006 The Department was reloacted to Building #39 in Gwanak Campus.
2007 The Architectural Program and Architectural Engineering Program were accreditated by KAAB and ABEEK, respectively.


Renewal of ABEEK accreditation
2012 Renewal of KAAB accreditation
2016 Launching of the new Joint Design/Engineering Curriculum