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Requirements (2016)
Requirements (before 2016)

This Architectural Engineering Program (M.Sc.) is targeted to the application of engineering principles and technology to building design and construction. Fundamental knowledge is covered in the first and second years with 17 credits of fundamental studies, and 33 credits of MSC (Mathematics, Science, Computer). These courses are used as a basis for fulfilling the 49 credits in the third and fourth year dedicated to the focused learning in engineering, and major elective courses can be taken according to student¡¯s interest in the fields of environment, structure and construction.

Program requirements

1) Academic Credits : Students must obtain minimum 130 credits.
2) English Test Score : Students must receive and submit an official English test score that is relevant to a TEPS score of minimum 601.
3) Industry internship program : Students are to undertake an internship program more than once at an approved company.
4) Annual Exhibition : Upon completing the ¡®Architectural Engineering System Design¡¯ course in the first semester of the final year, students must present his/her research findings at the Annual Exhibition.
5) Graduation Thesis : Students must write a final year thesis, have it approved by a panel of academics and submit the final material to the department.
6) Graduation Interview : Students must complete a graduation interview in the final semester of the program and receive three points or above for the 14 questions comprised of general learning and subjects taken during the degree
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