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Requirements (2016)
Requirements (before 2016)

The main body of the Architecture Program (B.Arch) is the ¡°Architectural Design Studio¡± courses(50 mandatory credits). Other fields such as ¡°Communication¡±(3 mandatory credits, 6 elective credits), ¡°Cultural Context¡±(22 mandatory credits, 15 elective credits), ¡°Professional Practice¡±(6 mandatory credits, 3 elective credits), ¡°Structures¡±(9 mandatory credits), ¡°Environmental Technology¡±(9 mandatory credits), and ¡°Construction¡±(6 mandatory credits) are offered to complement the ¡°Design¡± field. Apart from the courses offered by the program, 1st and 2nd year students must take general academic courses such as Korean (3 credits), English (4 credits), Calculus (6 credits), Science (12 credits), Literature and Arts (6 credits), History and Philosophy (3 credits), and Society and Ideology (3 credits). From the 3rd year, students can take elective courses offered by the program to extend their knowledge in the fields of specific interest.

Program requirements

1) Academic Credits : Students must obtain minimum 160 credits.
2) Students must take at least 3 classes taught by foreign language including major.
3) Internship : Upon completing 3 years of studies(6 semesters), students must participate in an internship program(over 4weeks) to work for a local design firm.
4) Annual Exhibition : During their first 5 years of studies, students selected for outstanding works can participate in the Annual Exhibition. All students must successfully complete their final year graduation project and exhibit their works in the Annual Exhibition
5) Graduation Thesis : Students must submit a graduation thesis that has been approved by their designated academic advisors
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